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Ham , Mettwurst, pepperoni , steak , Bacon , Chicken , BBQ sauce .

Onion , Capsicum, mushroom, Green olives , pinapple , oregano

Wagyu beef, bacon, egg, lettuce ,gerkins sauce 

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Pizza to fill your soul you have to taste it !


Meat Lovers

Ham Mettwurst, Pepporini , Steak , bacon, Chicken, BBQ sauce 


Panchos's Combo

Ham, Onion, Mettwurst,pepporini, Mushroom , capsicum, Anchovies , Oregano



Ham , Pepporini, Mettwurst , Capsicum , Chilli .


BBQ Chicken

Chicken , BBq Sauce 



Fresh tomatoes , Herbs 



Ham , Pepporini 



Onion , Bacon, egg



Ham, Mettwurst , Onion , Capsicum, Black Olives 


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from across the globe

With a growing menu selection and restaurant network, Pancho's continues to serve all flavors to the people on-the-go who are not willing to compromise taste for quality.

Today, Pancho’s pizza & pasta  is about much more than just pizzas. From freshly sauteed pasta & freshly baked garlic bread and, desserts, we have a wide range for you to feast on. All this, combined with the warm, inviting ambience and friendly service of all time,that will lead to endless conversations, laughter and memories that you’ll cherish forever.


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